David Hasselhoff is known for much, but can he really be attributed to contributing to the fall of the Berlin Wall? According to David Hasselhoff (“The Hoff”), his musical performance was important. Now is the time to clarify this.

I’ve been looking for freedom” sings in David Hasselhoff in a video in front of the Berlin Wall on New Year’s Eve 1989.

A cover song makes a success

The song had become a super hit for Hasselhoff and was ranked first on the leaderboard for 8 weeks in West Germany. The text matched the feeling of this time and the melody was catchy. The fact that the song itself was a cover and actually came in 1978, there were few that cared about.

Hasselhoff’s single album “Looking for Freedom” was released in June 1989, about four months before the wall fell. The song quickly went to the top lists and, like much other music from the West, it was banned quickly in East Germany. This despite the fact that the song really is about a son with a rich father who chooses to go his own way instead of getting everything served.

Celebrities at the Berlin Wall

In the fall of 1989, many of the celebrities of the past fought to emphasize themselves as opponents of the Berlin Wall, including David Bowie.

However, David Hasselhoff chose to wait until the wall had already begun to be demolished.

New Year’s Eve 1989 celebrated Germany for the first time as a united country. Scores of East and West Germans had gathered near the Brandenburg Gate when Hasselhoff went up on stage with a flashing jacket and keyboard.

This performance was also filmed, which was to become a tragicomic classic in the late 90s.

The wall is falling but where is Hasselhoff?

The wall had fallen, but without Hasselhoff being there. His performance was certainly appreciated, but Hasselhoff most likely did not stand at the top of the barricades when it was really hot. After his performance, he commented that he was totally “overcome with emotion”.

In an interview later to the English The Sun, Hasselhoff says he would like to come and create peace in other countries …

If truth be told

Who can objectively evaluate his contribution to the fall of the Berlin Wall? Not David in any case, as opposed to most modern historians.

Hasselhoff has been cautious in mentioning his commitment in recent years, but in 2004 he was interviewed in German “TV Spielfilm Magazine”. He tells us that he had been at the Berlin Wall Museum at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, but could not see any painting there on him. Hasselhoff’s fans declared it all a joke.

Joking or not, David Hasselhoff hasn’t and will not tear down any walls, just as he won’t build any talking cars.