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Abandoned Places – A Dead Swedish Industrial City

After sixty years, half of the population is gone

The town of Grängesberg in Dalarna region has during the past sixty years lost half of its population. This is particularly noticeable in the abandoned apartment houses. Follow a tragic visit to Grängesberg, which was once the pride of Swedish mining industry.

The railway station.

It is visible on the cityscape. Until 1989, the mine was the largest employer and the life nerve of Grängesberg. What’s now?Dead-Swedish-Industrial-City-3

Today, the beverage manufacturer Spendrups is the largest employer in Grängesberg. Hope for the future has long since disappeared and instead left entire neighborhoods to their fate. Apartment after apartment is empty. Areas slums, but the cost of demolition, no one wants to take responsibility for.Dead-Swedish-Industrial-City-4

In addition, individual apartments are still inhabited. The lonely residents could not be kicked out to the streets. Until further notice, Therefore, we have to live with both housing shortage and abandoned apartments in Sweden.

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