A journey through the Swedish landscape of Närke where the sun shines at this time. In some places people live, in other places, there have been people living. Here are all gone at a furious pace. What remains are the less pleasant tracks in a deserted place.

deserted-place-sweden-2The old industrial communities in Närke has been hit hard by the population decrease. In some communities, the population has fallen by a third – or more! Houses could not be sold and are therefore abandoned. Who would pay for something you never could sell further?


Abandoned grocery store.

Common to these communities often only one big employer that the society depends on. Time has passed, manufacturing techniques have been modernized and further automated, and the need for employees has decreased. Families move instead to larger communities to earn a living through services rather than production.


Note the speed limit signs and road condition 😉

In the area, jobs came from nails and tacks manufacturing. But the production of these has moved. Nature remains. Opportunities for scenic accommodation at low cost is realistic for everyone.

The railway came to the village in 1895. It was a narrow gauge railway, and one place had a high status as a new railway junction, where the goods were loaded. Below is a gallery from a former railway station that currently lacks rail.

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