What about Hitler and the UFO plans? This building has sure made these rumors stronger, but in fact, what is it? This is the controversial Third Reich object still standing in former Ludwigsdorf, today’s Poland.

This interesting object is located near the villages of Ludwikowice and Miłków. The shape of the construction leaves much to the imagination about what it could be used for.

The area around the construction has a lot for remainings from the Germans in the Second World War. Mainly this area was a site of many facilities called “the Molke Werke”. Molke Werke was used by the Dynamit Nobel company to manufacture supplements to the war such as explosives and ammunition. Under the ground, there are a lot of tunnels for this purpose.


The entrance.

In fact. Ludwikowice Kłodzkie was from at beginning an old mining village. In 1930, a big gas explosion occurred and killed 151 miners. In 1939, a large part of the mine was flooded and activity was on standby until the Germans came.

The newly built ammunition factory got reinforcements in 1942 when 600 Jewish workers came from the nearby concentration camp. There is plenty of mystics left in the area because the Germans had made large tunnels underground, which until today not have been found yet.

Today a lot of ruins are left. The most spectacular is this “concrete-UFO-ring”. In some books, it has been called “The Henge” (from Stonehenge) due to its shape.


Industrial Ruins.

The theory about the usage of this construction has some more or less imaginative conclusions like:

  • A test site for “Nazi UFO”.
  • An anti-gravity machine.
  • A time machine.
  • Something for use with “die Glocke” (a top-secret Nazi scientific technology device, a so-called miracle weapon).

If we like to be more realistic, these concrete structures are only traces from an industrial cooling tower. Compare this with the cooling towers you see close to coal or nuclear power plants and you can imagine the similarities and this place won’t feel mystical no longer.

Today the museum “Muzeum Techniki Militarnej „Molke” can be found on the site and is highly recommended. For the WW2 interested, this region is like a buffet with traces from the Second World War.