Few readers will have benefits from this. To disappear as a person is the exact opposite of today’s self-evolving social concept. Forget about selfies and check-in on Facebook. Now we are going to deal with a situation that nobody wants to end up in –  When you have to stay hidden.

Some people are not reminded. They just float past. You might even exchange a few phrases. You can not describe their appearance, more than if it was a man or woman. What is it all about? How do they manage to just disappear into the crowd?

Succeeding to be the “gray person” could mean life or death for someone who is included in a white-collar protection program. How do you think and do?to-disappear-2

Not to be seen but still exist

Your first challenge is to be able to stand in a crowd, street, disco or any other place without anyone noticing you. You will simply imitate the most everyday person present. The person could stand in front of you without any notice. This is what the “gray person” looks like it.

To live in a society without notice requires a balanced courtesy. You should talk nice and quietly. The body language should be unassuming and without rapid movements. The clothes should not send any signals that give the viewer something to think about.

This means that no sports teams or other logos should be worn on the clothes of those who want to be invisible. Not even any color clicks, such as dashes or patterns.

Are you getting the point? If required, can you become the person who looks like everyone else, behaves like everyone else, but does not remind of anyone?to-disappear-3

How people see you

Living in a city requires the most a constant tunnel vision. The brain simply has no capacity to register everything you see. Therefore, the brain filtering what you perceive you see.

A brain will always look for threats. It is part of evolution.

What the brain perceives as a potential threat is the same in for people:

  • Items moving fast
  • A facial expression that signals aggression or fear
  • Short distances
  • Gestures, like someone trying to get bigger by stretching their arms
  • Strong colors
  • Strong light
  • Other things that stimulate the brain

This is the basic principle that also characterizes the entire animal life. Think about how animals melt into their natural environment. Wild animals are often unnoticed until they go to attack.

Thus, you and your body should signal even natural colors and even motion patterns.

Being able to turn off the background noise from outside traffic, while reacting if alarm sounds are examples of how the filter in your brain works.

Dress for those who do not want to be seen

In English, there’s a phrase for pants that says “shoot me first pants”. It is used when the police or military should dress as civilians without being aware of the public. Many people are wrong and believe that civilian clothes mean black pants with leg pockets, shirt, and boots.

It is obvious that a “civilian” who dresses in this way would be the first victim of a violent event. The person would simply be the first to be perceived as a threat – even though the police or the military claim to be civilians dressed.

The lesson from this: Do not “shoot me first-pants” if you do not want to be seen. You simply have to ignore the practical advantage of so-called tactical pants. Blue jeans of a standard model are better.to-disappear-4

The clothes indicate what kind of person you are without having to ask you. A person who wears an  Armani suit every day probably does not work as a cleaner and so on.

On a sunny day, sunglasses are preferable. It gives you another opportunity to avoid eye contact with people. Research shows that people remember a face better if the eyes were seen.

More about body language

Avoid all movements that show feelings, positive as negative. To be withdrawn is for those who want to disappear only advantageously.

Your walking speed should be the same as most others in the street. Imagine floating with a stream. Listen how others are talking and use the same volume. If you speak too low someone will notice it and listen extra carefully.

If you have to wear equipment

Ordinary people rarely run around with unnecessary things. Most wear keys, wallet, mobile phone and some other small things. It is stored in pockets on clothes, purse or backpack.

If you need to wear extra equipment, skip movie references such as guitar case. Instead, search for rucksacks that have specially designed storage spaces, but look like any training bag.to-disappear-5


The gray person moves in the periphery, beyond the consciousness of common humanity. The gray person never calls attention and never does anything like the brain’s filters can pay attention to as a threat.

The gray person is not here or there. The person is not with or against anything. Not black or white – just gray.

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