Donauturm is a 252-meter high construction in Vienna. Here, anyone who wants could get an excellent panoramic view of the beautiful Vienna. Follow up!


The Donauturm from one of the beaches.

High-speed elevators

The tower is located on an island in the river Danube. Donauturm was built between 1962-1964. Up to the viewing platform, you will use the high-speed lifts. 35 seconds is enough to travel to the platform at 150 meters. 14 passengers at a time will fit.


The elevator on its way up!


A display shows the position of the lifts in real time.

The Donauturm run

Stairs are available but these are only used regularly in connection with the “Donauturm run” in September. It is a contest where 400 participants run the 779 steps up. The record is currently at 3:23:50.


Observation platform, 150 meters up.

A café and a restaurant are located next to the observation deck. In summer there is a platform for a bungee jump.



Best view of Vienna

Vienna’s tower is the perfect start to a stay in Vienna. It gives a good overview of the big city and adjacent to the tower there are several beaches if it gets too hot.


View of central Vienna.

Admission for an adult currently costs 7.90 euros.