Driving in Italy has an undeserved reputation. It usually does not have any major problems, if you know some basic information. Consider some more hectic traffic and impulsive traffic behavior, but on the whole, that’s nothing you should refrain from doing.

Roads in Italy

Depending on where in Italy you are driving there are clear differences. The roads in northern Italy are well much better than we are used to in Sweden. In southern Italy, they are usually poorer and sharp curves occur constantly.

Toll roads in Italy

Italy has many tolled motorways. These are top notch and often with three lines. When driving off the highway, you pay for the traveled distance. It costs about 1 € per 10 kilometers. Payment is made by card or cash.

Environmental zones

Like Germany, Italy has environmental zones for traffic. However, you do not need a decal on the windshield. Instead, there are signs to look for.

“Zona Traffico Limitato” can be found in many centers. If you drive past that sign, the car is photographed and a fine will be sent home by mail.driving-in-italy-2

Speed limits

For cars, 90 km / h is on the regular countryside roads. Motorway 130 km / h and in an urban area 50 km / h.


Fuel is available next to everywhere. They are the same as in rest of Europe besides diesel is called “gasolio”. Fuel prices are somewhat higher than in many other European countries.

Mobile phone and driving

Handheld use of mobile phone is forbidden. Hands-free is allowed.

BAC Italy

The alcohol limit in Italy is 0.5.


If you are having trouble on the road, call the Italian state’s assistant phone for tourists, Easy Italia. There, English-speaking staff answer. Phone number: +39 039 039 039.

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