Eating in Eastern Europe is usually very cheap. The portions are often large and the food is good and homemade. Here are some examples of what food in Eastern Europe can cost and what you get.

Exclusive meal in Riga


Dinner in Latvia.

Thanks to tourism, Riga has a higher price level than other Latvia. If you choose to eat a little bit better, it does not become too expensive. The image below shows what you can get for 8.5 euros. Tasty with ankle chest, but hardly enough food.

Estonia – Fish dish on the roadside


Dinner in Estonia.

The straight road towards St. Petersburg has plenty of restaurants along the road. For just over 2 euros you can eat paned fish with potatoes. Even a drink to the meal is usually included in the price.

Lithuania – Great schnitzels


Dinner in Lithuania.

In Lithuania, you can get a schnitzel of German standard for about 4 euros excluding drinks. The meal in the picture is from Lithuania’s capital, so the price outside the town is slightly lower.

Romania – Home cooking as fast food


Dinner in Romania.

In Romania they like meat and some kind of spicy meat-bone belongs to the menu. The dish in the picture is served at both restaurants and fast food places. The picture shows it in a fast food restaurant and costs about 3-4 euros.

McDonald’s has no chance against Hesburger



In the Baltics and other former eastern countries, McDonald’s fierce competition from Hesburger’s hamburger chain. The concepts are the same, but the prices are more adjusted to the guest’s income. Regular menu costs around 3-4 euros.

Ukraine – Winning the competition about cheapest restaurants


Dinner in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, restaurant visits are really cheap. Meat is common on the menu, but also different dishes with carp fish. Continental food, like schnitzel on the picture, costs a little more but is still very affordable. 3 euros cost the food in the picture. A beer to the meal costs 1-2 euros.


Dinner in Ukraine again.

In the capital Kiev, prices are not much higher. The hamburger in the picture below is 600 g and was taken on Tiger Bills at the Maidan in central Kiev. The meal itself cost 6.5 euros.

The winner is Andy’s pizza


Dinner at Andy’s Pizza.

In several countries in Eastern Europe, Andy’s pizza is more common than McDonald’s. Andy’s serves more than just pizza. Whether in Romania, Moldova or Ukraine, the menu is standardized, with a rich selection of pizza, starters, other main courses, desserts, and drinks. All at a favorable price.

In addition, the menu is in English. The staff is professional and card payment no problem. Simply a good mix of continental food and more Eastern European dishes at a great price. Expect a pizza to cost from 2-3 euros and other main courses 3-5 euros. Beer about 2 euros, little depending on which country.