I flew economy class with Singapore Airlines. I’m not a fan of expensive airline tickets always chose the cheapest option available. This time, I was surprised – Singapore Airlines offered the best low-cost ticket! And this is how it was.

I was planning a trip to Moscow and three airlines offered the best prices. It was some Russian low-cost airline, Aeroflot and at last, Singapore Airlines. Aeroflot wanted around 200 € and Singapore Airlines only 130 €. What a simple decision!

On flight day, there was some short delay, but the information was good. After boarding, all passengers had to wait for final embarkment in a lounge style room with good chairs and possibilities to charge electric devices.

The new Airbus A350-900

The route Stockholm – Moscow – Singapore also has the new Airbus A350 in service and has been in use for around one year. The A350 is one of the most modern aircraft and also very environmentally friendly, at least compared to other aircraft. The biggest improvements made are about weight and sound isolation in the cabin.singapore-airlines-economy-class-1

The Economy class, or better-called premium economy class, consisting of 187 seats on rows of 3-3-3. The width of the seats is 81 cm and possible to recline 115 degrees.

I front of you, there is a 28 cm wide touch screen. Under that, another control device is available for handheld use.

Entering the cabin on the A350

You entering the airplane close to the first class section but are quickly shown further into the cabin. I’m not sad about that. On my seat number in economy class both a pillow and a blanket waiting for me. The chair is softer than all the budget airlines, and I also think there is some extra centimeter for leg room, but I’m not sure. And under the seat in front of you, a leg rest can be found.singapore-airlines-economy-class-2

In the air

The more-then-enough amount of staff doing their best to keep the passengers satisfied. What I appreciate is that no flight attendant shows the security instructions. Instead, they are shown on the screen in front of you. And not disturbing at all.singapore-airlines-economy-class-3

I also notice the A350 is more silence than similar aircraft.

Infotainment in the cabin of the Airbus A350

As earlier mentioned, the screen in economy class is 28 cm wide with a decent resolution. A lot of services included as movies, games, reading and route information. Before the flight starts, the kind flight attendants handing out earphones to all. And as that wouldn’t enough, on a plate, you are being served a boiled towel for cleaning both yourself and the infotainment screens.singapore-airlines-economy-class-4

Other services in economy class

Forget about Ryanair’s terrible prices on a snack, just for being in the air. On Singapore Airlines, the snack is included in the tickets price. For me traveling before noon and a short distance, I could choose a sandwich or omelet. In addition to that, coffee, tea, soda, beer, and juice were served.singapore-airlines-economy-class-7

For make it easier to choose, a menu was handed over. In the menu, you also can see what’s served for those to flies afternoon, as seen on the picture.singapore-airlines-economy-class-6

I won’t say the sandwich was any masterpiece, but it fulfills the purpose. And of course, the dishes brought to the first class looked tastier, but they have also paid a lot more.

On the ground in Moscow, disembark of the aircraft goes very smooth, and I feel very satisfied with the trip.