The Elisabeth Bridge (Erzsébet híd) is one of the main bridges over River Dunabe that connects the Buda and the Pest sides of Budapest. This is the right place to get a stunning view of the old parts of Budapest and the other bridges.


View over Elisabeth Bridge.

The bridge is built at the narrowest part of Dunabe, which makes the bridge 290 meters wide. The length is 378,6 m. The bridge we see nowadays is a re-built version since the original was blown up during World War 2 and it’s not identical.

Until 1973 trams were allowed, but when they discovered cracks in the structure only cars and buses can pass.


One slipway from Buda-side.

The name comes from Elisabeth of Bavaria, who was a popular queen in the Austria-Hungary empire.

Since 2009, special lights are mounted at the bridge. They are created by the Japanese lighting designer Motoko Ishii to celebrate the 140 years old diplomatic links between Austria-Hungary and Japan.