Belarus was until last year, a complicated nation to visit legally. Now, rules are changed and this is how to do for a smooth enter of this amazing country. Follow these steps and you are in Belarus in no time!

First of all, if you are a non-Russian citizen, avoid changing flight in Russian territory. If you do, things will become much more complicated. Instead of change flight in Moscow, change in Riga, Kiev or another flight hub for Minsk if a direct flight isn’t available.

You have to aim to enter Belarus via Minsk. No other airport in Belarus supports this Visa-free entry.


Minsk National Airport.

So, which ones can fly to Belarus nowadays without a Visa? At the moment there are 74 countries according to the Presidential Decree in use from July 27, 2018. For any changes, always visit the official Belarusian Government webpage here.

When you arrive in Minsk national airport and are a citizen in some of the 74 countries, you will need following:

  • A valid ordinary passport.
  • Financial means (maybe only if you look like a bum).
  • A medical insurance which covers medical treatment up to 10.000 Euros.

A passport valid in Belarus

A passport valid in Belarus means that it’s issued from an approved country and is valid in 90 days after departure from Belarus.

Financial means in Belarus

I haven’t experienced this, but you should be able to prove that you can afford the number of days your staying. You should be able to cover expenses of 24 Euros per day.

A medical insurance in Belarus

When entering Belarus, a medical insurance is mandatory. Most people have this included in their regular travel insurances, but in Belarus, this really doesn’t matter. It can works if you are able to translate your insurance papers and so on, but the easiest way is just to buy one at the airport. The “real” Belarusian medical insurance costs 1 €/day.


Frontpage of medical insurance

How to act right when you get off the plane at Minsk National Airport?

  1. On flights to Belarus, the cabin crew will hand out a migration card. You don’t need to fill in this unless if you are a Visa holder, planning to continue to Russia or coming with a flight from Russia.
  2. Get off the plane and head for the medical insurance office located before the passport- and border control. You have to hand over your passport and tell them how many days you are staying. Payment is made in Euros. As a reward, you will get a medical insurance certificate.
  3. Walk further on to passport control. Hand over your passport, answer a few simple questions and act normal. Show the medical insurance. Then you’re ready to go!

    Migration card.

One last thing about important papers to keep in Belarus

If staying in a hotel or similar, everything will be easy. When you check in at the hotel, you will also receive a piece of paper (only written in Russian), with your personal details. You should carry this with you if you get in trouble somehow. The police will ask about this paper.

Travelers staying longer than five days, have to be registered at the divisions on citizenship and migration of the territorial bodies of internal affairs. This is managed by your hotel. If you stay in someone’s private home, ask them for help.

Enjoy your trip to Belarus. And remember, when entering via Minsk National Airport you are allowed to go anywhere you want in the country. When entering the second Visa-free checkpoint near Brest, you have to stay in Brest Oblast (region).