In Estonia, there are many good and cheap beers. Let’s try some.

Estonian beer is more than just Saku Originaal. Saku is certainly dominant in the market and offers some different beers. But do not stop there. After a visit to the local grocery store, we crowned four winners for anyone who puts both taste and economy in first hand.

Saaremaa – First to the left. Here we have a beer that originates from the Estonian island of Saaremaa. 4.7% and bright. Easy to drink and slightly bitter. No taste sensation, but because it is cheaper than water, and alludes to the brewing tradition it may still be here.

Saku Dublin – A dark but gentle beer, for those who appreciate the darker varieties but not too tasty. A low alcohol content of 4.2%. Actually, this list wasn’t for Saku, but in Estonia, it is almost impossible to avoid. Overlook this one.

Walter – Loved by few and hated by many. Wheat beer that is quite turbid. Available in two strengths of either 4.6% or 7.0%. The stronger is recommended. Incredibly easy to drink. Low-budget beer with elements of Soviet nostalgia. Sold everywhere, often in PET bottles of two liters of the eminent price of 1,4 Euros.

Alexander – Dark bottle despite a bright pale. 5.2% in strength and fresh taste.

The farther east in Estonia you travel, the offers in grocery stores slowly change. Do not be surprised that many bottles have labels with the Cyrillic alphabet. This is due to the large Russian minority living mainly in the east of Estonia.

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