Europe’s largest park is actually bigger than Central Park in New York. If you say which city it is located in, there are only a few who know the name. Here are also two beer gardens and water stream for surfers.



It is, of course, the Englischer Garten in Munich. Its name got it from its appearance, which at the end of the 1700’s was also common in parks in England.

Surf in the middle of Munich

The park has evolved since it was founded and in 1815 an artificial waterfall was opened. At the waterfall, in modern times, they have created a wave and even more streamed water, making the place a popular destination for surfers.


Artificial water stream.

Chinesischer Turm

The Chinese Tower is a 25-meter high wood construction, originally built in 1790, but destroyed during World War II bombings. In 1953 there was a copy in place and now 5000 guests can drink beer at the same time. Here it is often almost crowded and a very good atmosphere on warm evenings.


Chinesischer Turm.

There is a great variety of other sights in Europe’s largest park, so spending a summer day here is a nice break from Munich’s stressed city center.munich-englischer-garten-5

It is seldom crowded with 75 kilometers of walkways, 100 bridges and 50-60 different species of birds within the park area.

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