Fernet is a spirit which originated in Milan in Italy and is classified as bitter. What distinguishes Fernet is the great mixture of different spices and herbs in the drink.

Fernet is so dark that it is almost brown. It is not due to any artificial dye is added. The color comes entirely from plants that are mixed in the drink.

In addition to the liquor so are the ingredients wormwood, orange peel, mint, and saffron. In the European market, there is a variety of Fernet but the most common is Fernet Branca and Menta. They both have a clear taste of mint.

Fernet can be drunk as it is, but is also popular in a variety of coffee drinks. There are many rumors about the contents of Fernet.

As the title states, Fernet is used as a folk remedy for stomach pain and other stomach problems.

Even hangover, colicky babies (do not try!) will be cured and people previously also thought Fernet helped against cholera.

If it is true or not, you simply have to try, but the author of this article got himself a real stomach gripe in Prague cured with Fernet of a nice Czech man.

The alcohol content of Fernet is 45% and of Fernet-drinking-country number one is Argentina, which has a production of 35 million liters annually. Many believe that it is their national drink though it has no such status.

However, there is a difference in how they drinking Fernet in Argentina and the rest of South America and Europe. In South America, they usually mixing Fernet with Coke. 1 part Fernet and 9 parts of Coke.

The taste of Fernet is not appreciated by everyone. The taste can be described as Jägermeister without sugar.

Fernet served at room temperature or as they say, “on the rocks”, that is, along with ice cubes.

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