Finding cheap and professional dental care in Romania is easy! For people living in Western European countries were visiting the dentist is costly, going to Romania for a couple of days could be a good investment. Read why.

It’s not only the low costs that make people go to Romania for dental care. Romania has well-known dentist educations with students from all over Europe. Some of them stay in Romania to practice and therefore you will always get the best and newest dental treatment when you visiting a professional clinic. Since the dentist education in Romania is so international, finding an English speaking dentist isn’t hard.

The city in Romania with the highest range of dentists is Cluj-Napoca, which also has this education at the city university. For a few years ago, there was almost fifty-fifty percent of students coming from Germany, Scandinavia and France and the last part from Romania. Nowadays, the third year in the university is only in Romanian, so the interest among foreign students has decreased.

In Cluj-Napoca, there are at least around twenty private dental clinics inside the city limits. The prices are good. Some of them also have English websites with price information. One of them is MB Dental.

An initial consultation costs around 20 Euros. The prices continue to stay low if I, for example, compare with Swedish prices, every treatment is 60-80 percent cheaper. So when visiting the dentist, you could combine it with a vacation in beautiful Transylvania.

You should contact the clinic in advance. And what I experienced in Romania so far is that Romanian companies love to be contacted via phone. E-mails aren’t hot yet, so don’t get confused if you won’t receive any answer in a long time. Call them instead!

Dentist clinics in Cluj-Napoca are often open until from 10 AM to 8 PM on working days, and some are also open until 3 PM on Saturdays. Sundays are they always closed. What I know, possibilities for a drop in aren’t widely available yet.

Good luck with your dental treatment!