FSB is the federal security service in Russia and is responsible for the country’s internal security as well as spying. Even today, FSB is located in KGB’s old headquarters.

FSB – Федеральная служба безопасности Российской Федерации (ФСБ) – Federal Security Service for the Russian Federation.

FSB originated from the remains of KGB. The then President Yeltsin had dissolved the ill-advised security service following their participation in the 1991 revolt.

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Hundreds of thousands of employees

Under FSB’s responsibility, there is a commitment to state security, the fight against organized crime, terrorism and drug trafficking. The border guard is also on the mission and employs 160,000-200,000 border guards.

In addition to border guards, there are also 66,220 other uniformed personnel, of whom 4,000 belong to different military special forces. The infamous Spetsnaz does not belong to the FSB, but both obey under the Ministry of Defense.

The former KGB officer Alexander Bortnikov is the director of FSB since 2008 and is considered to be in close relation the former President Medvedev.

Criticism and rumors

Something that caused great criticism in Russia was when the security service’s newly graduated students celebrated in early summer 2016. The celebration took place Moscow’s streets as the film above shows. In 30 identical Mercedes Geländewagen cars, the newly-trained students traveled through the capital, with the silent consent of the traffic police.

Disciplinary measures now await student supervisors. FSB, who would like to work in the dark, now got their potentially new spies revealed to the appearance. In addition, the use of German luxury cars instead of Russian was considered unpatriotic.

Journalists on the English newspaper The Guardian claim that the FSB tried to make them feel persecuted while working in Russia. This should have been done by a kind of psychological warfare.

Agents said that he broke into their hotel rooms and apartments, moving objects or replacing them with similar things, and made other “tricks”. In addition, sex toys have been posted to journalists’ wives.

This method occurred frequently in the East German state police Stasi to scare people who could criticize the power.

Due to development of the FSB and other security forces, figures and facts may change in a near future.

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