Lithuania’s capital Vilnius has long been overlooked, but it is a beautiful old city in size with Gothenburg, which should not be missed. It offers a relatively unexplored city experience where living costs are cheap and the history is constantly present.

Vilnius-old-town-2The benefits of a weekend in Vilnius are many. Among other things, Vilnius Old Town is well preserved and listed on UNESCO World Heritage List since 1994. 65 churches around the city contribute to a historical atmosphere and are like other medieval cities built around the town hall.

The largest historical district in Europe

The old town of Vilnius extends over a 3.6 square kilometers area. Within this area, there are almost 1500 historic buildings representing several centuries. This makes the old town of Vilnius to one of Europe’s largest historical districts.Vilnius-old-town-3

Vilnius is considered a baroque city, but clear Gothic elements appear.

About prices in old town

The prices in Vilnius are generally very favorable. The price of beer has been adjusted upwards in recent years, but counting around 2 euros for 0.5 liters at a restaurant. A meal costs around 5 euros and up.Vilnius-old-town-4

Notable sights

The best view is available from Gediminas Tower, which is a large hill in the middle of town. It offers an enchanting panoramic view across Vilnius and the surrounding area. At Gediminas is also the royal palace that began to be restored in 2006. There is also an extensive castle complex.Vilnius-old-town-5

Palaces worth a visit are the Presidential Palace, Slushko, Radziwiłł and Tyzenhaus.

The Lithuanian National Museum, parts of the city wall and the signatory’s house are also located in the old town. Signs in English are placed around all interesting sights.