People always love old hospital and abandoned ones are even better. A building outside the Swedish town of Bollnäs where rumors long thrived. This is the former “Norrfly” retirement home and mental hospital.


Towards the unknown…

Stories are told about paranormal activity and the building has been a mental hospital. Here comes the story of Norrfly with unique images.


The former living room.

The abandoned asylum

We have recently passed the city of Bollnäs and can now glimpse the people strolling on the golf course and enjoying the sun. It means that we have come to the right place!

On a hill, we find the mythical stately house in its beautiful stone construction. It has been here since 1907. On a hill, we find the mythical stately house in its beautiful stone construction. It has been here since 1907. Many sanatoria were built around the turn to the 20th century. These served as beds for mostly tuberculosis patients.


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Tuberculosis was until penicillin developing something that affected many, and stay in the right climate was considered important for the recovery. These sanatoria were built at the same time in Europe, and just like this, many are now abandoned.


And have a good night…

Retirement home

When the cure for tuberculosis was developed there was less need for hospital beds. Norrfly was converted to retirement home except for the basement. Norrfly is built with regard to tuberculosis patients, so the geographic location was not optimal to operate a retirement home. It is probably the reason why the retirement home was closed in the mid-1950s, and the building has since been abandoned.


Newspapers used for isolation.

The case “Oskar Boman”

In the basement were two cells for the mentally ill. In one of these was a man named Oskar Boman incarcerated from October 1916 to February 1937 – a period of over twenty years.abandoned-mental-hospital-norrfly-7

Oskar’s childhood was apparently normal. He was born May 16, 1892, in Trönö. In 1914 he signed for military service. In the military, nobody took any notices about abnormalities in his behavior. However, when he finished his military service and returned home, he was, according to his relatives, not the same person as before.abandoned-mental-hospital-norrfly-8

His twin brother Valdemar had a theory about that unrequited love was the reason for Oskar’s mental illness. The situation in the childhood home became untenable, and in the church book, we read that he was taken from his home in October 1916. He was transferred to Norrfly, or to quote the church records; “Inmate at Söderhamns catchment insane”. Oskar was 24 years old when his permanent home became Norrfly.abandoned-mental-hospital-norrfly-9

During the twenty years, Oskar was incarcerated, he had irregular visits from his siblings. They describe that Oskar during each visit sat on a chair without saying anything. His head was always bowed. Any documentation about Oskar’s movements during the time he was enrolled do not exist, but for unknown reasons, Oskar Boman died on February 3, 1937.


Food elevator.

Is it the unfortunate and unstable Oskar still haunts Norrfly? Does he have sorrow for his own lost youth?

The future of Norrfly

Norrfly got in 2012 a new owner with big plans for the building. The situation is now good, thanks to the golf course with eighteen holes as the nearest neighbor. The building plan is to offer food and accommodation. So, unfortunately, you can no longer visit Norrfly as uninvited.abandoned-mental-hospital-norrfly-11