Hirschblut means “deer blood” and can be traced to the color of the wine. Hirschblut is a fruit wine and especially common in the eastern parts of Germany, where it can be found in many grocery stores.

The idea of ​​the devil on the bottle label of Hirschblut will reportedly have been generated by large intake of fruit wine, with a worsening health condition the following day.

The wine is made from cherries and apples and has a strength of 9.5%, a well-balanced fruity taste without something becomes too prominent. Best suited in the summer for picnic food or grilled if you ask the Germans themselves. The wine has a bit of a cult status in Germany as Hirschblut was a very popular wine during GDR times.

Manufactured by Sachsenobst, and the price is quite modest – expect just over 3 Euro for a liter. What a bargain!

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