The world’s most famous beer hall is in Munich and it’s crowded every day of the week. No trip to Munich is complete without drinking beer at Hofbräuhaus München.


9 o’clock on a Monday evening and the atmosphere is perfect!

Hofbräuhaus Munich has been around since 1597, and the site has been the subject of several well-known political intrigues that would require a separate article.

Hofbräuhaus has been at the same location for over 400 years, but today the beer hall is even more popular than ever. On average 35,000 guests visit the house every day and are served the beer sort “HB Original” which could be both bright (wheat beer) and dark.hofbrauhaus-munich-3

An order of HB Original comes in a mug that contains 1 liter, but if you are sensitive, you can also get a pint. For those who do not spit in the glass, there are “Stiefel” which a glass with the shape of a boot, and holds 5 liters of beer.

At first, the Hofbräuhaus was only open for special guests, but after a regulation in 1828, the public got access.hofbrauhaus-munich-4

Every night plays a brass band Bavarian music. Do not be surprised if you are caught up in a big dance.

How to get to Hofbräuhaus Munich then? The address is very easy to remember: am Platz. Every inhabitant of Munich can point out the right direction.


Regular guests at their table.

And one more thing. Don’t place yourself at any table that has a sign with “Stammtisch”. Expect angry glances if you take any of the regulars visitors seats.

Hofbräuhaus Munich webpage

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