We have all heard about terrible crimes against humanity in the last century, but Holodomor isn’t yet that recognized as for example the crimes during the Second World War – Still up to 7 million Ukrainians died during this year of true terror against an entire people.


The statue “Bitter Memory of Childhood” in Kyiv.

So, what was all this about? Why did Stalin wipe out so many people of his own union during the years 1932-1933? Why did he want a part of the Soviet Union to become associated with mass starvation, cannibalism and dead bodies on the streets?

When I was younger, I didn’t know much about what happened in Ukraine during the 1930s, until one day when I walked on the hills of Kiev and saw a statue of a little girl. This got my interest because the girl was so thin and sad. I had reached the monument “Bitter Memory of Childhood”, which is a memorial of the years just in front of the museum devoted to the genocide act against the Ukrainian people – Which was opened 75 years after the disaster.


Ukraine is often called Europe’s grain store because of the huge cultivation area.

The reason for Holodomor can have different explanations. Many historians now say it may be a mix of three ingredients, The first was an unlucky harvest that spread over Ukraine this year. The second was the incompetence and bureaucracy in the Soviet system, which wasn’t flexible enough for events like this that impacted so many millions of people. And maybe Stalin was well-known about this and used the situation for his goal – To smash the Ukrainian nationalism, the will of independence and any form of resistance to the Soviet system. So the starvation was instead of a problem – an opportunity.

In the Hell on Earth, 14 People Per Minute Died

When the bad harvest was a fact, it didn’t take a long time until the Soviet system started to “working”. After a few weeks of lack of food, the panic in Ukrainian society started for real. This panic, Moscow did all to increase. They confiscated all the Ukrainian wheat that still existed, shot people without trial for hiding wheat and closed the borders so nobody could escape.

What now could be seen, was an inferno of suffering. The first time people searched for grain in rat’s nests. Cats and dogs started to disappear from the streets because they were eaten. The next sequence was cannibalism. Families were torn down when parents left their children or tried to sale them. Children living orphans had marks of teeth on their limbs… Terrible stories were told afterward. You couldn’t know if your neighbor had eaten their children or if they had “only” died of starvation.holodomor-4

The total deaths of Holodomor is calculated to somewhere between 5-7,5 million people – in just one year!

Holodomor was silenced in Soviet

The episode of Holodomor was never to be spoken about in the Soviet Union. Scientists weren’t allowed to do any further investigations.  Even in the West, the impact of this starvation wasn’t fully known. First, in the 1990s this terror was brought to the light. Many years too late…