Remember the scenes from Maidan Nezalezhnosti or Independence Square in 2014? How does the square looks today, a few years after the fierce riots which changed Ukraine for a long time?


Some stones from the streets still have to be placed back.

Kiev is the beautiful capital of Ukraine and Europe hold its breath when the riots that resulted in a revolution took place. On television, we could see houses on fire and broken up streets.

Maidan Nezalezhnosti is the one of the main square’s in Kiev and has alwyas played an important role in political activities.

The Ukrainan Independece Monument is one of the main sight om the square, and despite the battles that took place here in 2013/2014, not much traces can be seen.


One of the busiest places in Kiev (and during the revolution).


The famous Independence Monument.


It’s me to the right. Maidan is today also again a spot for entertainment and tourist traps.


In the background under the cover is a burned out shopping mall.


Around the Independence Monument are reminders of the victims of the revolution.


Most buildings around the square were destroyed during World War 2 but were quickly rebuilt when the war was over.


It’s not possible to see here, but the square is divided into several levels.


Until the year 1935, the name of the square was Soviet Square.