Nowadays, it is more difficult to avoid speeding fines within the EU. Those who get caught in a speed camera in Germany may get a letter home within a few weeks. This is how to handle them.

Hidden speed cameras in Germany

Germans are quite good at hiding their speed cameras. The image above is an example of this.

Suddenly, a red light flashes. The speed cameras are often located in villages, by road construction or on curvy roads and can look different.

A letter in the mailbox

When a speeding with your vehicle has been registered in Germany, you will receive a letter in German. Sometimes a summary is included in English. The state of Thuringia is attempting to go a step further and sending a letter that appears to be translated into your own language with Google’s translation service or similar.

Are you innocent to speeding?

If you know you have driven too fast, you do not need to take any action more than waiting for the next letter. Have someone else driven your car, enter your contact details and return the letter. If you feel innocent or if you think there are circumstances, you can also mention it in the letter. However, it is usually not worth the time it takes, because the German traffic fines are really low (typically in the range between 30-50 euros).

Your driver’s license may be revoked

After a few weeks, a new letter will be sent with a decision on fines and a payment card. Sometimes the debit card already comes with the first letter. If you drive more than 30km / h too fast, they can also inform you that the driving license is deducted for a certain period of time. This applies only in Germany. In your home country it is therefore allowed to continue to drive.

Those who behave badly in traffic can, in rare cases, be reported to the national traffic authority for further action, when there are serious crimes like rattling and accidents.

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