Travel by trolleybus is the most cost-efficient way to see the city of Chisinau. Actually, I don’t know any other city in Europe with this low prices on public transport. 

Buses and trolleybuses use the same ticket. Or you could also say, every ticket is unique for every bus because you cannot buy a ticket in advance. Instead, you buy it directly from the bus driver.

Now, for the best part of travel by bus and trolleybus in Chisinau – The price. A ticket costs only 2 Moldovan lei, which is around 10 Euro cents. Almost nothing. The ticket is valid for one journey, so if you need to change you will need to buy a ticket again, but that’s fair for the price.chisinau-trolleybus-2

Before World War II, Chisinau had a tram network, but due to heavy bombings, the city chosen trolleybuses instead. The trolleybuses in Chisinau started running in 1949. In 1961, the trams were completely removed and replaced with trolleybuses.

Today’s trolleybuses are of different ages. It’s nice to see that model’s from the 70’s are still running in a good shape. Enjoy your ride as a visit to a museum but avoid rush hours.

To plan your journey in the Moldovan capital, check the official public transport of Chisinau website here.