During the Cold War, Sweden had a large number of military warehouses deployed deep in the forests. In the event of war, the defense could easily continue even if the cities were severely bombed. However, a warehouse of this size is unusual.

abandoned-military-mountain-facility-2This mountain facility is gigantic and has tunnels big enough to accommodate trucks. Enter a place that it was supposed that no-one would ever visit again.abandoned-military-mountain-facility-3

We are a few kilometers from the nearest town center. Forest and mountain dominate the area. The availability of large hard mountains gave the opportunity to build really large mountain spaces. In addition, the large forests would keep the most curious in distance.


The outside reveals nothing about the content.

Thus a perfect place for secrecy and trucks that traceless disappear into the mountain.

Inside the mountain, we find rooms that are at least as large as the surface as a soccer field.abandoned-military-mountain-facility-5

Construction of the secret facility

From the main entrance to the mountain, it’s first a giant gate. Then a slight slope upwards with a slight turn, which is strategic from a defensive point of an attack by the facility.abandoned-military-mountain-facility-6

The tunnel divides in two directions. If you get it uphill, you will come to the heart of the plant. There are storage rooms of size as a living room to a soccer field. I assume that depending on the content, the rooms were differently suitable depending on the weapon and ammunition type.abandoned-military-mountain-facility-7

At the end of the tunnel, there is a massive concrete slab, which I guess was a relocation site, where the material was transported to the right place by forklift.abandoned-military-mountain-facility-8

It is a highly well-kept facility. It was probably an investment of greater measure to build this secret mountain facility when it started.abandoned-military-mountain-facility-9

Now the walls drip moisture. The mold hangs in clusters and without ventilation, the condition will only get worse. No natural ventilation is hardly available either. The facility is really locked in.abandoned-military-mountain-facility-10

All cables and other interiors are carefully disassembled, which is usually the opposite of my visits to abandoned military places in Eastern Europe.abandoned-military-mountain-facility-11

Finally, I apologize for the quality of the pictures. They are actually taken with a system camera, but an extreme darkness in combination with extreme humidity created a fog that made impossible points for the camera to focus on.abandoned-military-mountain-facility-12