It’s so frustrating to be tourist those days…What to do? Where to go from quarantine? Physically nowhere, but virtually options now start to pop up. My first tour was to Transnistria and this is how a virtual tour works.

I recently made a shutout for these virtual tours of Transnistria from the creator, but this is more about my impression as a participant. I think it can be helpful for another hardcore tourist that climbing the walls now when it’s impossible to travel.transnistria-virtual-tour-2

So anyway, I registered for the premiere tour that started at 9 PM, and the tour is hosted and narrated by Anton Dendemarchenko who is the most active tour guide in Transnistria. For just around 10 Euro you will have 2-2,5 hours of a great show in front of you.transnistria-virtual-tour-4

Anton does his virtual tours at the Twitch platform, which works pretty well. The concept of the tour contains three main parts. There is a pre-recorded video stream. Anton does live comments to the video stream and in a chat window participants can ask questions. I was, in the beginning, a little skeptical about virtual tours, but I changed my mind quick. You are totally focused in front of the computer, you may easily ask and learn without any distractions – And in the end, there are no other options to take part in tours at the moment.


Abandoned factory.

I have joined two virtual tours of Transnistria, and what’s good is that its different content on every tour. Anton has made a great effort to make a lot of video footage. He will let you see his way to work, the main tourist attractions of Tiraspol and Bendery, old Soviet relics, and abandoned factories.

My final conclusion of the first time taking part in a virtual tour is only positive. If you need to choose between a virtual tour or renting an online movie – My choice is very easy.


Anton working.

You can book your ticket for the tour here at TripAdvisor. Once booked, you will get a specific link and a starting time.