Tenerife can be experienced as a hectic holiday island, which on a regular basis unpacks a stream of tourists from Europe. But there is also a quieter side of the island, where Puerto de la Cruz is the largest city.


City skyline.

Puerto de la Cruz is actually Tenerife’s oldest tourist resort. In the city with about 30,000 inhabitants, white Canarian-style houses are mixed with contemporary tourist hotels in concrete. The lava black colored beach is complemented by rugged rocks.


One of the city’s lava sand beaches.

In the 1970s, the city expanded. Previously, fishing had been the main activity, but now more and more tourism began. What once was only a fishing village suddenly became northern Tenerife’s economic engine.puerto-de-la-cruz-tenerife-4

After 20 hectic years with tourism in focus was suddenly new hotel complex ready on the island’s southeastern side where the sun is more frequent.

The weather in Puerto de la Cruz is highly unreliable. Mostly, the weather is the best in the morning, before the clouds from the Atlantic go in. On the other hand, the east side is protected from rapid weather changes by the Teide volcano.


Sudden weather changes are common.

In Puerto de la Cruz, life lovers rather gather then sun worshipers. The activities and bathing possibilities here are less. Instead, architecture and gastronomy are richer. Even the natural life benefits from the varied climate. In winter the temperature stays around 20 degrees.

The center consists of Plaza del Charco square which has all the ingredients to be classified as picturesque; Narrow alleys, local restaurants, shops and palm trees in combination with some houses from the 18th century.puerto-de-la-cruz-tenerife-6

However, tourism is now the main source of income in front of fishing, which is also reflected in the commercial supply.

Puerto de la Cruz is ideal for those who want a more relaxing holiday and not just crowded pools. The city is very hilly. Sidewalks are high and oblique and cars park a little everywhere, which does not create any benefit for the disabled. You are guaranteed no tan to show up when you get home, but on the other hand, the Canary Islands have more than just sun and bath to offer.