The movie Sound of Music made a success when it was released in 1965. Beautiful scenes from environments around the Alps in Austria occurred frequently and much of the material was recorded around Salzburg. Here are some of the places today.

Not recorded in Austria

The audience may not know it, but far from the whole Sound of Music is recorded in Austria. Several scenes were recorded in Los Angeles, including Mary’s bedroom, the Nunnery, and the cemetery.

When these scenes were recorded, the entire film team flew to Salzburg for a number of hectic days.traces-of-sound-of-music-austria-2

Sound of Music in Mondsee

The first place they visited was Mondsee, where the wedding scenes were recorded. Mondsee is a fabulous little town on the banks of Lake Mondsee. There are plenty of buildings dating back to the Middle Ages.


St. Michael’s abbey church.

In the monastery St. Michael they spent two days for recording.

Then followed a number of days in Salzburg and most time the spent on:

The monastery Nonnberg


The monastery Nonnberg.

Palace MirabellSalzburg-austria-7

The Fountain of Residencetraces-of-sound-of-music-austria-5

In Salzburg old towntraces-of-sound-of-music-austria-6

Obersalzberg – The final scenetraces-of-sound-of-music-austria-7

The last scene in Sound of Music is from Obersalzberg. There the family Von Trapp flew over the Alps.