The Pripyat Police station is located on the street Vulytsya Lesi Ukrayinky and was only 1,5 years old when the catastrophe occurred. It was a modern facility which still was in service many years after the disaster. Enjoy a tour of the Pripyat Police station and the truck graveyard och the backside.


Interrogation room.

As a Soviet model city, the crime rate was pretty low. Drunkness, maybe a bar fight or a traffic accident were the most common crimes in Pripyat in the 1980s. The jail was seldom fully occupied and therefore some of the prisoners used to be from nearby cities. They could sit here and wait for their trial. What I’ve heard, the nearest courthouse was located in Kiev 100 km away.pripyat-police-station-3

This isn’t some kind of a big police headquarters and has what you might think about a police station in a city with around 50.000 inhabitants. There was (and still are, thus in a bad shape) duty station, some offices, a jail of course and some garages for police vehicles. In the basement, which I didn’t visit, was a shooting range.


Feel at home…

Pripyat Police station after the Chernobyl disaster

Unlike many other abandoned facilities in the Chernobyl area, the police station was left calm and peacefully. Papers and equipment were moved away. To defend the city from looters, the abandoned police station was used as an endpoint for an alarm system that connected many of Pripyat’s buildings. If the alarm was triggered, for example, one the first floor of a high rise building, a patrol car was sent.pripyat-police-station-5

The backyard of Pripyat Police station

The backyard is nowadays a scrapyard, filled with old Soviet trucks. Sadly the engine is gone in all of them. The trucks could be a part of the first dirty days after the disaster, and therefore placed here, but I cannot measure any significant high levels of radiation.pripyat-police-station-6pripyat-police-station-7


Inside the workshop.


Not far away from the police station is the highly radioactive gripping claw located.