What are the most important things know to keep warm in cold weather? A planned or unplanned stay in cold climate will be much easier if you only know what is below.

There are some basic tips for keeping the health if you end up in a winter climate. We use the acronym “C.O.L.D”


Washing may not be the top priority, but keeping your body and clothes clean will prevent dead skin and dirt from acting as insulation. What should always be sought is that skin and clothes should be able to ventilate.

Without ventilation, sweat stops on the body and clothes closest to the body and you will quickly get wet and cooled.


Do not strive too much. Let the things take longer time. If you are lost in the forest on a winter day, you will not earn anything on a leap. Instead, keep a walking tempo.

If you exert yourself more than necessary in a cold climate, the skin becomes soaked. When the liquid is not transported away, an evaporation occurs in the skin. The sweat is now colder than your body temperature and you will begin to freeze.

If you know that you will have to work hard, always wear clothes in stock (below).


Dressing in layers of clothes is by far the most important way to keep warm and avoid cooling down. In this way, air pockets are created with warm air and it is better than the best coat that is available.

It is easy to regulate body heat by removing or adding a layer. In addition, it’s not about looking nice or trendy. Avoid tight clothing because small spaces between the garment carry less air and it also worsens the circulation of the air and the sweat remains on the body.

Focus on keeping the heat in the body parts that radiate most heat; hands, feet, and head. If these are warm, the body will cure the climate a lot better.


All this is about keeping dry, whether the moisture comes from the body or from the outside. Wet skin becomes cold much faster than dry. Wet clothes cannot isolate your body but instead transport the heat your body releases.

If it’s possible, change socks, gloves, caps and other clothes you wear closest to the body as soon as they become moist.

These four headings form C.O.L.D. With this in mind, you will handle low temperatures and keep warm in a much more comfortable way.

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