Kilkenny is a dark beer, smooth as cream on the tongue. For most readers of this page is Kilkenny not unknown, but those who missed it should read further.

Kilkenny comes from Ireland and owned by the Guinness company that produces the famous beer … just that … Guinness.

Kilkenny is not far behind.kilkenny-ireland-2

In recent years it has been an increase in popularity, and many believe that it is easier to drink then Guinness.

Kilkenny is to the name no traditional Irish beer. In fact, in Ireland’s doesn’t a beer with the name exist. But it has a more common name. This is virtually identical and called Smithwick’s Draught.

Kilkenny came already in 1710 and has an alcohol content of 4.30%. After Ireland, Australia is a large country with Kilkenny-lovers. And in third place Canada, which is the largest Kilkenny importer.

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