Stegeborg is located just outside Norrköping, at Bråviken inlet. It includes a port tavern, camping, cable ferry and the castle ruin “Stegeborg”.


The ruined castle Stegeborg is obvious a landmark. The castle dates back to the 1200s and has been own by several known historical persons.


The king’s signature.

In the 1730s, parts of the castle were destroyed when the king would sell the castle building blocks as building materials. Luckily they had bricked properly, and they had to give up the dismantling of the castle. Stegeborg became a protected historical object in 1901. In the ice cream stand near, an audio guide with historian Herman Lindqvist is possible to rent.


Cable Ferry, free of charge.

Around Stegeborg, more activities for tourists have grown up. On the island are a harbor, port tavern, and ice cream stand.  Eating in the restaurant and watch the boats go by is a pleasant and relaxing experience.


Swedish Meatballs.

stegeborg-6The ferry is free of charge and will take you across the bay to the campsite or further north.
In addition to the ruined castle’s the surroundings of Stegeborg are beautiful.


Bråviken is a bay connected to the Baltic Sea.

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