If you ever visit Munich, you will be guaranteed to pass Marienplatz which is the city’s beautiful center. Here it is always a lot of movement and the square is framed by beautiful buildings. Don’t miss this!



Pedestrian zone

Despite the central location of Marienplatz, it has been a car-free zone since 1972. Underground, however, there are both subway and commuter train stations, which contribute to the hectic pace of the people around.


The famous restaurant Ratskeller to the right.

Munich city center

Ever since Munich was founded in 1158, the square has been the city center. In the middle of the square stands a sort of statue, Mariensäule, erected by the Swedish army decided to spare the city during the 30-year war.



Munich town hall

The town hall is Marienplatz’s most dominant building. In the 400 rooms of the building are the meeting rooms of the County Council, the mayor’s office and other functions in the city administration. The house was completed in 1908 and is in neo-Gothic style.


Munich town hall.

For those who want to eat high-class food in Munich, there is at ground floor the restaurant Ratskeller.munich-marienplatz-townhall-6

The Glockenspiel

Among the tourists, the clock show at the City Hall is one of the city’s main attractions. Every day at 11.00 it begins and tells a story from Munich and Bavaria’s history. The performance takes 12-15 minutes and ends with a golden rooster gall three times.


The Glockenspiel.


At one end of Marienplatz stands one of the city’s five towers, a remnant of the city walls built in the 13th century. In German, the name of the tower is Talburgtor.



The Cathedral


The 110-meter tall towers.

Adjacent to the square stands Frauenkirche which is the city’s cathedral. Two 110-meter tall towers adorn the church.



The church bells have no equivalent in Europe. They consist of 10 bell pieces weighing between 350 to 8,000 kilograms. Its differences create an amazing melody and sound image when the bells hit.