Meissen is an over 1000-year-old city in eastern Germany. Beautifully situated by the river Elbe there are both historical buildings – and of course porcelain.


Meissen-1002The smallest wine district in Germany

In Meissen is the smallest wine district in Germany. It is celebrated every year with a festival and what they drink is Goldriesling. Goldriesling comes from the Alsace grape and is grown exclusively in the Meissen area. In and around the city there are plenty of little nice vineyards.Meissen-1003

Meissen CathedralMeissen-1007

The city’s silhouette is made up of the magnificent cathedral. The foundation of the cathedral and its southeastern tower dates from the 1300-1400s. The high-rise towers were built until as early as the beginning of the 20th century. Worth to know is that the towers are completely asymmetrical.Meissen-1004

Very close to Meissen Cathedral is the late-Gothic castle Albrechtsburg. In this part of Germany, this is called the oldest castle in Germany.Meissen-1005

A lot of things are about porcelain. Here, porcelain has been manufactured for more than 300 years.Meissen-1006

Since the 13th century, Europe had to import expensive Chinese porcelain. Some porcelain production was simply not available here.


Meissen Porcelain Museum.

In the early 18th century, it was solved by opening the first porcelain plant in Europe – in Meissen. It was done by the elector of Saxony who was a great porcelain enthusiast.

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