Castle Weesenstein in Saxony in eastern Germany has all that a beer lover asks for! Follow us for a visit in this cozy castle.

Weesenstein-castle-2A beautiful environment, an extremely nice owner and good cheap German beer from the castle’s own brewery served in glasses of one liter.Weesenstein-castle-3

The time is around 7 PM and we are a group of 7 people who booked a table at the castle Weesenstein. Weesenstein has a history of eight hundred years. We go down the narrow staircase leading to the restaurant, and here we encounter an aroma of fresh ingredients and lovely beer.

Great owner

We sit at a table and directly arrives the wonderfull pleasant owner who is proficient in English, have exciting stories and play instruments. He will entertain from the first second!Weesenstein-castle-4

The owner tells stories about the castle, its guests and of course the fantastic beer, which is made of wheat and is completely organic. Healthier taste is hard to find, and we ask immediately about how to buy bottles for taking away. Beer in Weesenstein are sold in bottles of three liters and sustainability is about a month because the package is in no way sealed.


The castle garden.

Good prices

A glass of a liter costs about 5 euros and it is surprisingly light and easy to drink. Light snacks are also available including Cheese Boards and soups. Everything, of course, is made organic and with fresh ingredients.


Cheese plate.

The castle also has an outdoor terrace for those who do not want to sit in the castle’s dark interior. From the terrace high above the ground, the view of the enchanting Saxon rock cliffs is stunning.

The castle is open year-round from 18-24 o’clock, Tuesday to Sunday.

Find the way to Weesenstein

Enter on your GPS:

Am Schlossberg 1, 01809 Müglitztal.

Approximately 23 km from Dresden. Perfect to stop by on the way to Prague.

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