Abandoned military bases are always exciting. Military Base 48296 was located in western Ukraine and trained until the year 2006 domestic forces subordinated to the Ministry of Defense. Today the place is abandoned, in addition to some watchdogs to watch out for.

abandoned-military-base-ukraine-2The village of Volya-Vysots’ka is built around the old garrison, from the year 1946. Even the church in the village is located in the former military area. And of course, the society is characterized by the fact that for sixty years thousands of soldiers marched into the area.abandoned-military-base-ukraine-3

The information about this object is quite rare. Of course, there is everything that belongs to a regiment such as a dining room, exercise area, obstacle courts, barracks and more.abandoned-military-base-ukraine-4

Further on we find more interesting buildings and radio masts. These appear to have been used as any radar or communication hub.abandoned-military-base-ukraine-7

It is possible that some parts are still used today since the barbed wire in the far end was in good condition. In addition, there was a dog farm, eliminating the chances of exploring the entire site.abandoned-military-base-ukraine-5

The area around Volya Vysots’ka has long had a military tradition. During World War II, several massacres were carried out here, performed by both sides of the war.abandoned-military-base-ukraine-6

What happens next is, however, unclear.abandoned-military-base-ukraine-8