In the middle of the plains of Skåne (South Sweden) is what looks like a Hanseatic city. This could be one of the Hansa cities around the Baltic Sea but it isn’t. The whole area is relative new built and named Jakriborg.


Central Square.

In 1999 started the construction of the area on the plain which would become Jakriborg. It is located a few kilometers south of Lund outskirts. Jakriborg is located right next to to the village Uppåkra.jakriborg-medival-town-sweden-3

The street network has been inspired by medieval towns in Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. An exciting color scheme characterizes the houses with sloping and sprawling roofs.jakriborg-medival-town-sweden-4
Estates in Jakriborg are rental units and 2007 they had completed about 400 apartments. The land is available for a maximum of 3,500 homes.

Jakriborg even has its own “city wall”. It is not designed to protect against enemies but acts as a noise barrier for the railway that is next door. Those who live in Jakriborg have walking distance to Hjärup train station for easy transportation towards Lund, Malmö, and Copenhagen.jakriborg-medival-town-sweden-6

In December each year, a prized Christmas market is taking place.jakriborg-medival-town-sweden-7

Criticism of Jakriborg

Jakriborg has endured some criticism. Many were skeptical of the project to build a town center with a square in the middle of the plain. Initially, the landlord kept rents low, to announce an overnight increase corresponding almost to 30 percent.


Large plains around.

Several stores have closed their businesses. In Jakriborg existed previously several restaurants, but in the current situation is only one left, the Sports Bar.

What the future holds for Jakriborg is uncertain, but so far it’s at least a popular destination.

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