Brussels has a wide range of nice places to see. Mont Des Arts, or Kunstberg, is a beautiful hill and of course one of them.

mont-des-arts-kunstberg-brussels-2From being a block with houses, King Leopold II bought the area at the end of the 19th century. He began a total makeover and destroyed all the old houses on the hill. When the houses were gone, also his finances were ruined and the area became a forgotten project.

So, Brussels had this ugly place between the Royal Palace and the Grand Palace and they really had to do something.mont-des-arts-kunstberg-brussels-3
To the Universal Exposition in Brussels in 1910, the area was converted to a park. The architect, Pierre Vacherot also designed a monumental staircase and fountains. His creation was demolished in the 1930s as a part av the city’s renewal project.

The Mont Des Arts we see today is constructed between 1956-1958 by landscape architect René Péchére to the exhibition Expo 58.

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