Thinking about visiting Montenegro during the winter? Stop thinking and read why it’s good or not.

For regular visitors to my blog, it’s no surprise I don’t like crowded places. Therefore, I didn’t hesitate to go to the summer paradise Montenegro, in the winter!montenegro-winter-3

Montenegro has everything that tourists like; beaches, nature, historical city centers, and relatively cheap prices. This combination guarantees a tourist invasion, but can I experience those things without crowds and maybe even in a better way? This is my impression of Montenegro in the winter and two climate zones in 20 minutes.

Amazing biodiversity in Montenegro

The changing climate across Montenegro makes parts of the country to a hop-spot for European and world biodiversity which is made possible by the location on the Balkan Peninsula and the Adriatic Sea. Montenegro has the highest number of species per area in the whole of Europe.

The capital city Podgorica in the winter

Podgorica is from one side a really grey city. Depending on the wind, living in Podgorica during winter will be dark, wet and cold, or, like a sunny spring day in Western Europe – Depending on where the winds will come from. I stayed in the capital city for a few days and was able to feel both weather conditions.


Good weather in Podgorica.

The first day, I woke up at Hilton Podgorica by the sun kissing my face. Nice place I thought, because I’ve arrived in the middle of the chilly night.


Spring feelings in Podgorica.

I went out with a thin jacket, enjoyed the sun and touching some palm trees. I really felt happy to escape from the cold winter snow mud in Northern Europe.montenegro-winter-5

Well, nothing last forever. A few days later the sunny days were changed to snow-rain, harsh winds, and temperatures around zero degrees.


Bad weather in Podgorica.

Montenegrian winter in the mountains

My plan for the day was to go up to the mountains, visit the city Cetinje, and end up at the coastline. Leaving the busy streets in Podgorica and suddenly the roads are rising and curving. It feels like autumn weather in central Europe, and I guess, I will see snow later today…

In Rijeka Crnojevića I still have the feeling of autumn. Some lukewarm winds reaching the village from the sea and Skadar lake. I go further to Cetinje.

Winter in Cetinjemontenegro-winter-1

In the former capital city, the winter is presented with full force and the sun is far away. The average temperature in Cetinje from December to February is zero to two degrees. A lot of precipitation will come as wet snow. The famous buildings in Cetinje that require some walking, so visiting the town in Winter, wear water-resistant shoes.montenegro-winter-6

I’m done with winter for now and heading towards the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Winter on the coast of the Adriatic Seamontenegro-winter-12

After 20 minutes downhill, the feelings of spring and summer coming back. The blue sea, the sandy beaches, and the palm trees are all here. Directly when jumping out of the car in the city of Budva I feel the gentle breezes from the Mediterranean Sea.


The beach in Budva.

I read the temperature to +15 degrees and it is noon. My jacket goes off and I order ice cream in the cozy alleys of the old town in Budva.


Winter in Kotor.

Montenegro During Winter Season – Go or Stay?

Now you’ve read my description of a Montenegro trip at the beginning of February. What is the decision? What kind of person are you? Are you hungry for beach life? Do you like history and culture?

If beach life is important for you, don’t go here in winter. You won’t find any crowds, because the temperature isn’t pleasured enough.


The answer about temperature differences…

But, if you appreciate shopping, historical buildings and culture – Then you should go here. Many of Montenegro’s famous landmarks are located pretty near each other. In the summers, dozens of cruise ships arrive, hordes of tourists are coming for swim and sightseeing, so why don’t visit the attractions in winter? Most of them aren’t boring to see even if the temperature “only” is +15 degrees (or maybe +17 in the sun).

Shopping centers are plenty in Podgorica and are independent about the time of year. Also are the souvenir stands at the tourist spots.

Enjoy your trip to Montenegro no matter what it’s summer or winter.