Monaco, the world’s most densely populated place has urgent need of urban planning. How do they solve it?

The city of Monaco has major congestion problems. On two square kilometers, 36.0000 people living and more want to get in. This is considered by far as the city’s biggest problem. Can it become more densely populated?

Monaco is surrounded by sea and steep hills. Therefore, every square meter of extra space is important. Strong powers are trying to force the city’s native to move and then demolish their homes and build new and higher buildings.

Monaco’s Prince Albert II has decided to approve all new high-rise buildings planned. Critics argue that the city will lose a great cultural value when the old buildings are demolished. At the same time they mean that the city cannot resist the revenue from tourism, which is the country’s main source of income.

Besides tourists also rich people move to Monaco. It’s because of the lack of income tax in Monaco.

Immigrants dominate Monaco’s demographics. Only 16 percent are Monegasque. Most residents are of French nationality.

Quick facts about Monaco

Official language: French

Government: Constitutional monarchy

Area: 2.02 km²

Permanent resident population: 30,058

Population density: 15,103 / km²

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