During our holiday we relax a little extra. That makes us to an easy target for people who want to fill their pockets at your expense. Here are some of the common scams that tourists encounter while on holiday in Europe.

Too expensive restaurant bill

Occurs in countries such as France. You’ve eaten at a restaurant and ask for the bill. The risk might be that the waitress has added something you did not order, such as additional accessories, drinks at the side of the food you thought were included, a baguette with cheese described on the cash register as a baguette with feta cheese and salami and so on.

Determine in advance the total cost and tell them any “mistakes” is the easiest way to avoid it. The staff that usually don’t speak English change the receipt quite easy.

Poor exchange rates

Tourists who need the local currency is a great deal. In Eastern Europe are rows of small cottages that change money at the border crossings. Smooth? Yes, but the course might be completely absent in reality. The solution is to change money before departure, or in a serious bank or exchange office in the country, you are visiting. If you have a debit card with favorable terms, it is also good to withdraw money from an ATM to perhaps 1 percent fare increase.

Overcharged taxi fares

Unfortunately, Stockholm is portrayed as a shocking example when it comes to the expensive taxi rides, but the Swedish taxis have at least the price written on the side window. In other European countries, you may require a taximeter in the car. Best of all is to determine the price before. I the driver refuse to use the taximeter, use a map app on your phone to ensure that there are no detours. Use an app that supports offline maps, otherwise, you will be ruined in data traffic costs. Examples of apps for offline maps are Maps with me for Android.

“Road Pirates” of various kind

A method used in example Spain is that you are overtaken by a motorbike at an appropriate road. The passenger on the motorcycle pointing to tire on your car to alert a puncture. If you stay, you will be robbed. Avoid what can be perceived as friendly gestures, and drive to a car repair shop if you suspect something wrong with the car.

Strip clubs

This phenomenon is found in many major cities in Central Europe. The entrance to the strip club is seldom expensive, but drinks can be very expensive. Inside the club some ladies looking for contact. They ask you in a flirty way if they can order a drink. Of course, you have no idea what the drinks cost, but for sure they let you know when it’s time to leave the strip club.

A short visit can cost up to something between 500-1000 Euros. If your wallet is empty, some hefty guys offering probably to come along to the nearest ATM.

Local guides

Beware of importunate people who want to guide you. Most likely their guided tour consist of places that their companions are working at and you will have to pay an excessive price for different commodities. Instead, use established guides.

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