In Munich, once called the capital of the National Socialist Movement, are today many traces of Hitler Germany and the war. They are not always clear because the city has tried to forget about the time period. But they are visible for those who have historically attentive eyes.

The following traces and remains are from Munich city center. They are easy to find, only you know what to look for.


Königsplatz, there are several buildings with Third Reich architecture.


Schellingstrasse 50, once the NSDAP party headquarters. A headless eagle is left behind.


Königsplatz again. Popular gate for military marches during the era.


Führerbau, Adolf Hitler’s office in Munich. Personal shelter in the basement.


Mounting points that used to be an eagle in bronze.


Wall with damages from World War II.


In the basement, S.A had a meeting place. Today Hotel Torbräu.


Former Deutsches Museum. Notice the eagles. In the Third Reich, used for meetings, speeches, and exhibits.


Feldherrnhalle and Odeonsplatz were a holy place for the supporters. There were shots fired during the revolution attempt 9 November 1923.


Ludwigsbrücke was a place for an annual memorial march for the victims of the Hitler Putsch. Today only the columns remain.


Munich University. Memorial on the ground for the members of the White Rose.