What are the most important things to see in Prague? Prague is a popular destination and the beautiful capital by the Vltava river has regained its former glory. Czech capital has today buildings that representing all styles. For tourists, there are common with a weekend trip to Prague. These are the sights you shouldn’t miss.

Vitus Cathedral

Situated right at the Prague Castle, we find the Vitus Cathedral. The Cathedral is a stunning example of Gothic architecture and is dated to 1344. The cathedral’s tallest tower is 96.5 meters high and seen to the construction year, it’s hard to not be impressed.

Prague Castle

At the Prague Castle lives the Czech president and something is always going around. Prague Castle is incorporated with Vitus Cathedral, located on a hill that gives great views over the city. Changing of the guard posts is a popular feature and gathering large amounts of tourists.

Prague’s Old Town

The hub of the historic Prague with several of the most famous buildings in sight. The Old Town Hall has a tower you can climb the stairs in. From here you get the perfect panorama of the old town.

Prague Astronomical Clock

One of the world’s most famous clockwork is in Prague. You need sharp elbows if you’re going to see at least a glimpse. Every hour, four figures show up on the watch face. Expect large crowds.

The clock is an astronomical clock that was used during the Middle Ages. One of its features was to show the position of the sun. The clock in Prague was built in the 1400s and is located at the Old Town Square, at the south side of the Prague City Hall.

Charles Bridge

Prague’s most famous attraction is undoubtedly the Charles Bridge. Charles Bridge is a stunning piece of engineering over the Vltava River and was built in 1357. The mortar should contain eggs from farms around Prague, to thereby increase the strength. During history, many hard battles have been fought on the bridge.