We are in the Estonian town of Narva. We will take a look how it is where you drive into Russia. This is the first article about the borders of Europe. It’s also a place where both NATO and Russia want to show their muscles. And what does Lenin point at above?


Central Narva: The Lord’s Resurrection Cathedral.

In Narva is the history always presented. Here marched Swedish Carolinians, and during World War II the city was bombed to dust.

The focus of this post is at the border crossing in Narva that separates Estonia from Russia.

narva-border-crossing-1Straight road to the border crossing! However, it was something missing when this picture was taken. There tend to be kilometer-long queues of vehicles waiting to enter Russia for cheap gas and other stuff. One summer day like this was an exception.narva-map

Some web pages may inform that you need to wait one day in the queue before you can cross the border. Paperwork is apparently widespread, or it’s the staff just “relaxed”? Even though they have an electronic booking system which all vehicles must enroll in… the waiting continues.estonia-russia-side-by-side

Here’s the relationship between the two countries to each other geographically. As the picture shows – barely a stone’s throw apart. On the Estonian side (to the left) we see Herman’s castle and on the Russian side, we see Ivangorod Fortress. In the middle is the bridge that links Russia and Estonia.


Border checkpoint.

Narva has high unemployment and widespread poverty. Such life situations often lead to great creativity among the people who try to make their daily life.

Although Eastern Estonia is relatively inexpensive, some products even cheaper across the Narva River, including petrol.


Main square.

A few years ago, when it was low tide, it was possible to glimpse a pipe in the river. It turned out to be 1.5 kilometers long and pumped gas to Estonia. In Russia, petrol costs half the price. The border guards cut it off.


Entry towards the border control.

In connection with the border is the main square in Narva. It’s a gray relic of the Soviet era. Periodically, older vans and more or less legitimate goods change hands.

And about Lenin… He points towards S:t Petersburg (former Leningrad) 150 kilometers east.

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