At the Olympic Stadium in Berlin was the World Cup in 2006 held just as the Olympic Games in 1936. We are walking on historic ground where a huge building from a dramatic time meets today’s major public events. Welcome to the Olympic Stadium in Berlin!


The Olympic Stadium in Charlottenburg

Located in the Charlottenburg district we find this colossus. The look is the same as when it was built in 1934. The only difference is modernized renovation and removal of all the Third Reich national socialistic symbols that adorned the stadium.

Built for the Olympics in Germany

Berlin’s Olympic Stadium was built for the Olympics in 1936 and then had a capacity of 100,000 spectators, which even today is an impressive figure.olympic-stadium-in-berlin-2

The capacity has now been reduced to 76,176 seats because of the introduction of seats for everyone.


The bombings in World War II was damaged stadium. During the fifties, a restoration took place, led by Werner March – the same architect who once designed the stadium.olympic-stadium-in-berlin-3

World Cup 2006

The next major construction project at the Olympic Stadium where before the World Cup 2006 in Germany, when all the seats got cover by a roof, as well as new areas were built. The stadium has, however, been allowed to retain its look because it is classed as a historic building.olympic-stadium-in-berlin-4

By the stadium’s podium is a large stone tablet with inscriptions of winners in different sports during the Olympics in 1936.olympic-stadium-in-berlin-5

Roman architecture

Around the stadium stands many statues inspired by Roman architecture.

When there are no events in the stadium, it is possible to make a visit the. Admission costs about € 5 and then you will be given access to the entire area.olympic-stadium-in-berlin-6

Get to Olympic Stadium in Berlin

The easiest route to the Olympic Stadium are U2 underground line from the Zoologischer Garten. The station you should get off at is called logical Olympic Stadium.olympic-stadium-in-berlin-8

You will see the stadium immediately when you step up from the station. If you arrive by car, signs are clear and good parking facilities are on spot a normal day.