There is no more famous symbol of Poland’s capital than the Palace of Culture in Warsaw. This was Stalin’s gift to Poland, which the Poles, for the most part, had to pay for by themselves.


Look at the contrast! Capitalism meets communism in today’s Warsaw.

3288 rooms and 231 meters high. This is a great building. When Stalin ordered something, it was seldom some small thing.

Palace of Culture in Warsaw was completed in 1955, and was in the inauguration called  “Joseph Stalin Palace of Culture and Science.” Palace of Culture is a prime example of Stalinist architecture.palace-of-culture-warsaw-poland-3

However, the years after Stalin died, the Communist party wanted to downplay his importance and therefore was his name removed from many places.

Anyway had this gift been finished in the mid-50s. Of the 3,500 construction workers, 16 died in accidents during the construction. These 3500 workers had experience of similar buildings in the past, in which the best example is the Moscow University.


How much does it weigh?

To accommodate construction workers they built a kind of a new town in a suburb of Warsaw. It had the most you could expect in a smaller city. The cost of this was paid by Poland.



Just over three years were enough to complete the construction of this behemoth. The heart of the Palace of Culture is made up of the congress hall that can accommodate 3,000 people. Also, the Rolling Stones performed here during the harshest years of the Cold War (1967).


Observation deck.

The residents of Warsaw had now been given a dominating landmark. Most hated it, which they saw as Soviet supranationalisation. When the Soviet Union fell, still considered many Poles that demolition was the only option.


View of the park in front of the palace.

Palace of Culture is still there today. Now the building houses several businesses, a theater, two museums and, above all, the observation platform at the top. This tends to be the most interesting of the building to tourists.


In the skyline.

Up here, a stunning panoramic view of Warsaw is given –  Day and night.