Parc Güell is a park in Barcelona, an architectural masterpiece and placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1984. On the days it’s crowded here, come early!

Parc-guell-2The whole Parc Güell is characterized by round shapes. In many places, mosaics have been created by crushed tiles after the designer Antoni Gaudí. During the building, tens of employees had the task of crushing the plates, while dozens of others put them back again into patterns.Parc-guell-3

When they began to build the park, in 1900, there was no thought that there would be a park for the public. Instead, luxury apartments should be built where the buyers would be attracted to the stunning surroundings. The estates were too difficult to sell, and architect Eusebi Güell, who bought the land in 1902, made further efforts by constructing the two concourse tower and a planned sales hall, as shown in the figure below.Parc-guell-1

Some residential buildings were never built and the park was opened to the public.Parc-guell-4

Today you can enjoy the views from the amazing terraces that were built, walk the walkways, and marvel at the different forms that resemble spirals or giant lizards.Parc-guell-5

One tip is to walk through the park early in the day, to avoid the worst congestion as well as the heat. Begin at the cross at the southern end of the park.

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