Driving the car to Prague is now very easy. It is motorway all the way from many directions, and the previous waiting time at border controls are a thing of the past. But arrive in Prague, it may be more difficult. You also need to park your car safely in Prague.

Prague is a pretty messy town with narrow streets and busy traffic. In addition, foreign-registered vehicles could be extra desirable to burgle. Here you can park safe, cheap and central.

The parking lot that I recommend is located right next to the central station, at the big highway Wilsonova (Wilson Parking Parkoviště Wilsonova). It is extremely easy to find.

The parking lot is well marked by signs. When you turn right at the parking sign, stop at the entrance (shown in the picture), get a ticket and then park your car.

Payment is made when you pick up the car. The parking lot is open 24/7. It costs approximately 1 euro per hour to park, but as mentioned before you are close to everything of interest.

A warning is in place if you are sensitive to bums and addicts. At the parking lot, there are two staircases in each corner. You use them to get to the street level where tourist attractions begin. In the stairs, often addicts hang around and inject fully open, and you may need to step over them. If you want to avoid it, you can instead go to the metro station which is signposted with “M” and then exit at the station’s other gate.