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Pasties Are Popular Food In Poland

In the Polish cuisine is pasties (pierogi) an important place. In Poland, they are pasties handmade and usually shaped like semicircles. They are not nearly as large as the Swedish and Finnish pasties.

When the pasties were introduced in Poland, they were regarded as food for the poor. The main filling was potatoes. Mashed potatoes are still the most common, but stamp food for the needy is no longer the deal. Instead, all restaurants in Poland have it on the menu.

The Polish pasties are always cooked. To ensure that the filling only becomes perfectly warm, it’s important that the dumpling is quite tight.

Pasties in Poland is considered as a national dish. Consumption is greatest at cultural events. In Krakow every year a pierogi festival is held, where the average sale is about 30,000 pasties per day.

Other popular fillings in the dumplings are mushrooms, meat, and cheese. Pasties can also be adapted for desserts and filled with different berries. In that case, you eat pastries with cream. Because the pasties are quite small, it is also common as a snack. As for snacks, they are filled with for example bacon.

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