To cross the border into the country of Norway is easy, and many do it with their own car and studded tires. Is it permitted with studded tires in Norway?

More and more countries begin with regulations for spike and studded tires. Norway is no exception.

In Norway, it is always the driver who is responsible for the vehicle sufficient grip.

In Norway, spike tires are allowed from 1st November to Monday after the second Easter Sunday. The exception is in Nordland, Troms, and Finnmark. There are spike tires allowed from 15th October to 1st May.

Also, note that Oslo and Bergen have introduced a studded tires fee for cars driving with studded tires on the 1st of November to May 1. Driving in these cities costs for vehicles with studded tires NOK 30 per day, in addition to other charges.

Payment is made at the orange machines marked “Oblatautomat”. Otherwise, you can also send the SMS message QUILL OSLO [your number] to 2300 when you got Norwegian mobile coverage.

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